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Series of vases, Volcanos

Series of vases, Volcanos, contemporary creation - 2016

Alissa Volchkova 1984-

Price €700.00
Table lamp

Table lamp, Years 1970

Ado Chale (1928-)

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Library, Years 1970

attrib. à Marzio Cecchi (1940-1990)

Price €13,000.00
Sculpture, "Rejet"

Sculpture, "Rejet", Years 1970

Anne-Marie Paul (1949-2005)

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Somptuous chandelier,...

Somptuous chandelier, "métal céleste", 2016

belgian work

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Lamp table, model Elysett

Lamp table, model Elysett, Years 1960

Hans-Agne Jakobsson (1919-2009)

Price €800.00
Italian box

Italian box, Years 1960

Marcello Fantoni (1915-2011)

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Coffee table "peppercorns"

Coffee table "peppercorns", Years 1970

Ado Chale (1928-)

Price €14,000.00
Estonishing circular gilt...

Estonishing circular gilt brass mirror, Years 1970

italian work

Price €3,000.00
Pair of sconces "RD2340"

Pair of sconces "RD2340", Years 1960

Carl Fagerlund (1915-2011)

Price €600.00
Rare and important suite of...

Rare and important suite of 3 suspensions, Years 1950

Hans-Agne Jakobsson (1919-2009)

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Rare pair of large gilt...

Rare pair of large gilt brass mirrors, Years 1980

italien work

Price €9,800.00
Lovely pair of armchairs «...

Lovely pair of armchairs « SK 660 », 1953

Pierre Guariche (1926-1995)

Price €6,200.00
Spectacular square coffee...

Spectacular square coffee table with 4 stools, 1975

Giovanni Banci

Price €9,500.00
Sculpture, "Le couple"

Sculpture, "Le couple", Years 1960

Maurice GUILLAUME (1920-2015)

Price €11,500.00
Seau à glace "voiliers et...

Seau à glace "voiliers et icebergs", Years 1960

Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988)

Price €5,500.00
Screen "Bosco con...

Screen "Bosco con balaustra-Libri", Years 1950

Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988)

Price €26,000.00