Full sun !

Illuminate your everyday life with an elegant lighting

Summer settles finally, place to the heat of the sun and its luminosity! Nevertheless, once the sun sets, remember to light your interior to maintain this feeling of fullness. For this, Lovart offers a wide selection of trendy lighting adapted to your desir.

Transported by solar energy, natural light flows on the surface of the Earth and maintains our environmental balance just as it maintains our daily life by its artificial presence. Wall lamps in the dining room, lamppost near an armchair in the reading corner, table lamp on a pedestal table in the living room or bedside lamp on a dresser in the bedroom, the luminaire actively participates in the atmosphere of each of our rooms.

From Art Deco to today, a century of light

Lighting has existed in our homes for centuries, but it was only during the Art Deco movement (1910-1930) that luminaires flourished in the 1920s as objects of art and design. The term Art Deco comes from an International Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Modern Arts in Paris dating from 1925.

As a pre-war movement, Art Deco positions itself in opposition to its preceptor, Art Nouveau, and is considered as the world's leading architecture-decoration movement. It concerns the architecture, but more particularly the interior architecture with its tapestries, stained glass, paintings, ornamental sculptures, its cabinetmaking, the use of ceramics and goldsmithing, giving birth to the decorative object as luminaires. New taste for a certain exoticism added to this French art.

Jean Perzel, the man obsessed with light

This object that has been the light throughout the ages, transformed by its designers according to the taste of the times, as an object of decoration, becoming even objects of art.


Jean Perzel (1892-1986) was one of the pioneers of lighting in France. Born in Germany in 1892 and naturalized French in 1919, Jean Perzel began his career as a glass painter. After many experiences in several countries, it is in Paris that Jean Perzel settles in 1923 and devotes himself to the design of lighting by creating his company.

He opened his showroom and his workshop in rue de la Cité Universitaire in the 14th arrondissement and specialized in the study of lighting in modern interiors. Obsessed with the idea of ​​amplifying light, he makes all his glass pieces from preliminary drawings he makes himself. In perpetual research of elegance and purity of lines, the master of light will devote the rest of his life to the creation of lighting and marked the world of lighting and decoration with his imprint.

The luminaire in all its forms

The luminaire does more than enlightning us, it highlights our tastes and desires of the moment by settling in the rooms of our house, apartment or workplace. Its wide panel of representation highlights the architecture of the places for which it is intended. Wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp or ceiling lamp, are lighting devices essential to our daily lives. Designed with indirect light, they offer a low or high brightness depending on the intensity desired by the choice of bulb, which will allow you to have full control over the atmosphere you want to bring to your home.

While strolling on Lovart.be, you will discover a wide selection of luminaries answering your tastes and your desires of the moment. Whether in bronze, wood, metal, fabric or glass, the luminaire will guarantee a guaranteed fly effect and will put full sun in your interior!

 Lamp "Cyprès", 2018 - Jérôme Quilan (1957)

Pair of Lamps, Years 1970 - Italian work

Pair of table lamps, Fatua lamp, Around 1972 - Guido Rosati