The twentieth century, era of modernity and design

An alliance between aesthetics and technique

On the beach, by the pool or in the family country house, take a few moments to discover the selection of twentieth design furniture made especially for you on Lovart.be. 
At a time when the heat is raging across the country, we have one idea in mind: freshness! Cloistered in our apartments or houses, we want to keep style and design to revive our moments of pleasure and enjoy these moments of calm. The furniture of the twentieth century is the solution! Timeless, aesthetic and designed with quality materials, this furniture will occupy your space and give modernity to your interior. 

From Art Nouveau to the 2000s, a century of modernity

Appeared in 1890, the Art Nouveau opens the road of modernity in Europe. Desiring to emancipate themselves from eclectic taste, Art Nouveau is spreading rapidly in Paris, London, Barcelona and Vienna in order to bring "new art" into the fields of painting, architecture and furniture. This first current of the twentieth century held twenty years before giving way to many new currents such as: Art Deco (1920-1930), Stjil / Bauhaus / Scandinavian home / Foyer French (1920-1930) where we can mention: Marcel Breuer, Alvaar Alto, Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand or Jean Prouvé. 
Only from 1940, with the opening on the international scene, that the term "Design" is heard and recognized definitively as a new discipline. We no longer speak of furniture, architecture, industry and decoration. It became a real ensemble, evoked at the time as: beautiful, modern and new. It is at the beginning of the 50s, that we can notice a real evolution in the design and in particular in the industrial sector. As a result of innovations, new materials are emerging and designers are taking advantage of this to create design elements with light, relaxed and colorful shapes. A new era for a new adaptation and utility: EAMES seat, Zigzag seat, tulip seat or the famous "cone chair" by Verner Panton. The motto becomes: attractiveness. Designers were finally recognized as professionals in their own rights, and focused more on the idea of graphics, aesthetic colorful interiors and innovation
The twentieth century ends then with the 90s, where the design never ceases to renew itself to reveal an elegant, sophisticated and artisanal design : today’s contemporary design. 


Between furniture and design objects, the twentieth century created the main contribution of modernity in our interiors. These unique pieces of furniture combine originality, ingenuity of design, purity of lines and above all, specificity of its materials.
Recognized as a timeless work, the furniture of the twentieth century is still present in all our homes and has kept its place. Tables, chairs, lamps or sofas, in leather, steel, polyester or wood, the designers have been able to design and produce furniture suitable for all and for all tastes. A remarkable timelessness still visible today. 

Original creations by Hans Wegner or Verner Panton, discover these treasures unearthed especially for you. A unique place in search of the most beautiful pieces of furniture of the twentieth century to harmonize your interior.
Sofa Model JH555 aka "American sofa" - Hans Wegner (1914-2007)

Pair of chairs "Cône Coeur" - Verner Panton (1926-1998)