Lovart flickers for the Holiday Season!

As the holiday season gets closer, we all start to think of the right organisation of December. Between the progressive opening of the Advent calendar, the selection of the Christmas tree and its decorations, or the Christmas menu, we also have to think about our interiors. To accompany all your traditions, discover Lovart.be’s new selection.


Christmas, a whole History


Christmas Eve is a known date, recognised and appreciated by all. The origins of the word Christmas are diverse and often controversial around the world, however, they remain Latin. Indeed, Christmas comes from "Dies Natalis Domini" meaning "Day of birth of the God". Over the centuries, this origin was abbreviated to "natalis" to become everyone’s shared word: Christmas.

As for the origin of the celebration, it is Roman. The first recorded mention of this Christian holiday dates from 336 A.D. in Rome. Celebrated internationally on the night of December 24th, Christmas Eve has been secularised over time. Today, it is no longer necessarily celebrated as a religious holiday but represents a night of sharing in family around a good meal and the exchange of gifts.



A festive and warm interior

To accompany the festive side that has become Christmas and welcome your family and friends in a warm interior, the trendy key materials are velvet and wood. The softness of the velvet will bring  the cozy effect expected to your Christmas night, as well as to the rest of the year. Plain or patterned, bright or dark, the velvet survived throughout the centuries and returns with great fanfare for the end of the year.

Pair of white armchairs
Paolo Buffa (1903-1970)
Velvet of Maison Pierre Frey

As for wood, a timeless material, it will bring the raw and warm touch that you desire. It has always been an integral part of international furniture and will bring a certain serenity in your daily life by its natural quality. The wood is the ideal ally to revive your Christmas night and get you the cocoon you've always dreamed of!

Bench "Racine"
Kaspar Hamacher (1981-)
Solid beechwood

Be ready for the holiday season by showing a chic and serene setting. Do not hesitate to mix these two unavoidable materials in order to spend nice end-of-year celebrations. They will warm your homes as well as the hearts of your guests!