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The return of velvet

This season, velvet is undoubtedly the material to adopt. Its softness and warmth turn it into the essential fabric for a chic and cozy interior. On sofas, curtains or cushions, solid, by touch or with flowery patterns, in dark or powdery ...

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The Murano Glass - A legendary quality to maintain

Lovart offers a selection of Murano glass objects, a small island off Venice. Murano glass is one of the most popular glasses in the world. Indeed, this glass of very high quality is known for its high purity. It's a mouth-blown glass which ...

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Dive into the big blue !

Nuance your interior with an intense and sophisticated blue. The year 2017 has just ended and Blue remains one of the colors in vogue ! Paintings, sculptures, lights or furniture, Blue spreads its color on Lovart.be. Blue governs a bi ...

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